Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the blog is deader than i could imagine...

time to revive this blog but i couldnt think of anything but emo stuffs to write...

so... this 3 series books is my fave.... if u cant stand mystical beings like werewolves, vampires and so on.. dun read it...
but seriously, the story captures my eyes..
very interesting flow of story..
i held on to the book for a very long time and i have to wait for a very long time till the last third final book arrives in MPH..
read it if u have the time because its going to take a veryyy long time to finish one book that cant make u stop reading...

meg cabot's book.. who cant say no to that..
although a bit pricey its quite worthy..
underage children please don't read this...
it was written at the back 'for older readers'..
i thought it meant not for kids...
very very captivating story...
wont tell u anything about it untill u read it...
dat's all from me.. i hope u enjoy what is given to u...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Of Remember Me & A Bend in the Road.

This book got my eyes glued to it for the WHOLE day. Yeah, from morning till night. Right after my class, I opened that book to the page I've started not long ago and BAM my eyes can't leave any page and my hands non stop flipping and my eyes OMG. They're like those word detectors LOL. Move from left to right at a speed I can't imagine and never thought they'll move that fast.


I'm exaggerating things but then only you'll get the picture of how good is that book right? XD

Yeah, it's that good. At least for me it is that good (:

I'm in the process in reading this. Another Sparks' masterpiece :D
I left it in my bag, on the table, on the shelf for quite a long time. Procrastinating each day just because mid-terms is coming (but now two are over!), reached home tired and really not in the mood to read.
But now, since I have some time spared (I hope so >.<) I would indulge myself in Sparks again (:

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Everytime i look here, first sentence that came into my mind is......


i had the same problem with writing..
i need a topic..
i'm glad that i'm back on track with this blog..
although the entry wasn't very satisfying but i'm happy to have contributed to amy&weix company in noveladdicts..

currently, i wasn't going to do anything exept doing my assignment and all before due date...
next monday, next week...
all last minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i need to stop procrastinating...

ok then...


your turn!!!! haha...
promote banyak-banyak

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks has touched my heart with his love stories. Sparks knows what the human heart wants and he dug deep into what the heart really yearn for. He'll keep you flipping the pages and his books are worth to stay up late at night and leaves you with heavy eye bags, but you won't give a damn bout it.

The Notebook has left me with tears at the climax of it and my tears really fell to the pages of this book. That was the FIRST time I cried while reading a novel. It gave me goosebumps, good ones, because every cell of my body reacted to how heart touching this book was. I bet I'll have them coming to me again if I read it again. I was damn happy to finish it. And want more!

A Walk to Remember was another book that wet my eyes. It's toooooo sad to not not have tears for it.
Just like the critics said, it won't lemme forget the story. The ending is something you don't expect to be and you'll get to feel what the person feel in it.

This is a sequel to The Notebook. It writes bout how to save a marriage of 30 years. (I think it was 30. >.<)
Is the love still like the raging fire? Or is the love just that shadow-like that it's at the brink of falling apart?
Sparks did it again with The Wedding like how he did with The Notebook. He truly knows what a human heart needs to stay alive in this world full of chaotic loves.

I bought these two along with Sophie Kinsella's Can You Keep a Secret (Oops, a chick flick!) in MPH few weeks ago. And till now I haven't started! =X


I know I know, both of them are already made into movie. Why bother reading those small words and spoil your eyes when there's actors playing the roles with LIVE actions?

Then you're WRONG! Watching is VERY different from reading it. You won't know how it truly feel to be the one in the book. You won't get the message the author really wants the readers to receive. You won't be touched and have goosebumps!

Okay, not that I've read it but I know how is it so different to be holding the book and read it okay?

Think Twilight Saga. Or Harry Potter? Or just Lord of The Rings.

You know how fantastic it feels to read word by word and dive yourself and escape in the story than seeing some other people act it out which I know you'd rather be the lead actor in the story. (:

Happy reading! (((:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Think It's Easy?????

U think it's easy to find human beings that would read blogs??
but i already promoted our blog in facebook..
oii, people reading!! read this blog ah!!!

i got a few books now to promote.. haha!!!
this is just for fun...
this book, well, i haven't start it yet.. so i will get to it.. it looks interesting though.. haha...

blood promise.. the sequel of vampire academy 4th book.. love it, love it, love it.. lots of bad words and *ehem* parts.. not for age lower than 18!!! REMEMBER THIS!!!!

Cecelia Ahern.. A very good author.. this is a very good book.. interesting storyline that you will never regret buying it.. BUY IT!!!

another good book.. wonderful world to live in... although it's a little bit lengthy, it's a very good story..

this is the sequel for the book above..

hehe.. for those who wants their English to improve.. this is a good time..


your English, i guarantee will increase in time.... so work hard ok..
i'm always here.. don't worry... i love my com-.. er... readers.. haha...

this is what i do best...

Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm back. To resurrect this blog, to save it from damnation.
You, Amelia Tan Ching Ping. Go find readers from MMU and force them to read this blog. Blackmail them if you hve to. If not, I feel like a failure here, a blogger that fails to get readers.
And you! Don't ever feel that what you write is crap and rubbish and whatsoever rubbish you think it is, although we both know we like to crap in our blogs.

I'm here now to blog. Many sorries to this blog. I miss blogging to actually ):
Been neglecting my personal blog and what more to say this dusty blog. Sigh.

Any novels lately? Hmmmm. I'm still reading the Vampire Academy series. On book 3 - Shadow Kiss - now. The title sounds wicked right? :D It is. The story is too. (:
But it's a damn long chain of books to follow onto. >.< Still, it's a nice book to keep on reading cuz Richelle Mead wrote it in simple English with words like fuck and shit and terms like blood whore. Damn nice.
But mainly because the character in this novel, Rose, thinks what I'm thinking. The words she uses to express the feelings are those I found myself unable to do so. And I find myself in between the lines of the book and I'm happy that I read her books. So many words written out without cracking my brain. LOL.

I'm at lost for words now, like I've always been lately. Hmmm.

Ciao then.

Gee im sorry...

i totally forgotten everything here.. ahhh!!!!!!!
too busy with my life in melaka till forget to blog..
can be said too busy eating..

it was the best day of my life when i held up the id card of mmu..
damn nice weh..
can use for touch and go, pay tickets i think... wan go in library also must show..
but got different editions every year..
seems to have actually become not attractive this past few years..

i'm still typing on 1 in the morning when i have class at 8 tomorrow...
nothing else to do...
i think that's all i can say...

btw, i am going back to muar this weekend so see you there!!!

i know you want me, yeah!!